We offer an advertisement on the website Mkeynes.org 

Mkeynes.org is a rapidly growing information portal about Milton Keynes. Through the categories,

guides and Company Directory you are guaranteed that the advertisement will reach the correct recipient. 

Banner top is visible on each page,

sub-page and ‘wkuwacz’ [software] (mixed with up to 3 ads)  


                               - £ 56 a month

Banner placed on the main page (mixed with up to 3 ads) 

£ 67 a month 

Banner placed in 1 of 7 guides mixed with up to 2 ads on 1 banner


                                – £15 a month

Banner placed on each sub-page of Company Directory (mixed with up to 6 banners) 


                                – £10 a month

Ar1 Banner in the article 700x244 pixels 

Banner added to 1 article

                                – £6 (added to 1 article)

Sponsored article £ 10 (The article written by our author + £ 5) 

Implementation of the banner – £10, if you buy an advertisement for at least 3 months then the implementation of the banner will be free of charge. 

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