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We offer an advertisement on the website is a rapidly growing information portal about Milton Keynes. Through the categories,

guides and Company Directory you are guaranteed that the advertisement will reach the correct recipient. 

Banners G1 top 620 × 130 pixels

Banner top is visible on each page,

sub-page and ‘wkuwacz’ [software] (mixed with up to 3 ads)  


                               - £ 56 a month

G1b 987×200 pixels

Banner placed on the main page (mixed with up to 3 ads) 

£ 67 a month 

P1 apartment/work/health/ education/ finance/ law or transport 610×142 pixels 

Banner placed in 1 of 7 guides mixed with up to 2 ads on 1 banner


                                – £15 a month

K1 Company Directory​ 610x142 pixels

Banner placed on each sub-page of Company Directory (mixed with up to 6 banners) 


                                – £10 a month

Ar1 Banner in the article 700x244 pixels 

Banner added to 1 article

                                – £6 (added to 1 article)

Sponsored article £ 10 (The article written by our author + £ 5) 

Implementation of the banner – £10, if you buy an advertisement for at least 3 months then the implementation of the banner will be free of charge. 

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